XFCE 4.2 panel plugin to control power for internal Bluetooth and WLAN modules

Here's the XFCE 4.2 panel plugin I use to control power for internal Bluetooth and WLAN modules on my Sharp SL-C1000.

It was born as quick and dirty hack on excellent xfce4-modem-lights plugin by Andreas J. Guelzow because I needed a way to turn power ON/OFF when in portrait mode and keyboard is closed. I borrowed icons from some other application (sorry I forgot which one to give its author a proper credit) and photoshop'ed it a little bit. Here are the pix showing icons in both OFF and ON state (look next to modemlight's telephone icon in the panel):

The plugin requires Lineo's registers module from Sharp's 2.4.20 kernel loaded. The source code defines proc mount point for registers filesystem. GPIO pins used to control the power are also defined in the source code. Icons filenames are specified in the plugin properties dialog, as well as init scripts which are run by the plugin to do actual work ("start" and "stop" parameters are passed to the scripts accordingly). Once again, the code quality could be specified as a "quick a dirty hack" at best, but I'm not a GTK programmer, nor had any time to polish it. It works for me, hence here it goes... Please feel free to improve it any way you wish.

You can reach me at albertr at iral dot com.