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I use my permanent e-mail address for about 5 years. It's used daily for GNU/Linux development and personal purposes. Now it is heavily attacked by spamers and virus owners.

Here is the statistics of deleted junk mails:

Hourly statistics (last 24 hours)

Time (UTC)#size#size#size
2015-06-16 16:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-16 17:00:1000kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-16 18:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-16 19:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-16 20:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-16 21:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-16 22:00:1000kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-16 23:00:1000kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 00:00:1000kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 01:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 02:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 03:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 04:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 05:00:1000kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 06:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 07:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 08:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 09:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 10:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 11:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 12:00:1000kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 13:00:1000kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 14:00:0900kiB00kiB00kiB
2015-06-17 15:00:10111kiB00kiB00kiB

Daily statistics (last week)

Time (UTC)#size#size#size
2015-06-11 15:00:0910MiB00MiB00MiB
2015-06-12 15:00:0910MiB00MiB00MiB
2015-06-13 15:00:0900MiB00MiB00MiB
2015-06-14 15:00:0900MiB00MiB00MiB
2015-06-15 15:00:1000MiB00MiB00MiB
2015-06-16 15:00:0910MiB00MiB00MiB
2015-06-17 15:00:1010MiB00MiB00MiB

Note: Viruses are catched by attachment file name suffix rules, spams are catched by SpamAssassin, false bounces are catched by manual set of rules, mails with spam level ≥9 are blocked before delivery and are not included in this statistics.

Generated: 2015-06-17 17:00:10 CEST

Summary: Once in the past, e-mail was the communication media. Now it is playground of spamers and virus owners. Even in late Saturday night, I need to wait only three minutes for next spam. E-mail is dead.

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