Pocket scale 150A

Pocket scale 150A

Pocket scale 150APocket scale 150A from an unknown Chinese manufacturer is a cheap and lightweight (35 grams) device available on Ebay. It weights up to 150 grams in 0.01 g steps.

It is surprisingly accurate. 50 g calibration weight shows 50.00, but the fabrication is a bit poor. Due to crooked base the scale wobbles a bit. the plastic looks like an output from form made from another piece of plastic. One of wires inside was broken into two parts by one of screws, and it caused a scale failure after few months of use.

teardown image PCB and wire with defect

Opening the case required removal of sticker, four wires on bottom and then four wires under the sensor. Only one IC is soldered on the PCB and it seems to be 512 bytes EEPROM. It also seems that soldering pads there may contain some ports.

IC on the PCB the sensor