Colorgraphic Voyager CF VGA

Colorgraphic Voyager CF VGA

Colorgraphic Voyager CF VGA is one of few CF VGA cards that were even made.

Opening the case is very dangerous. Don't try it unless you have to. The top cover has several protrusions engaging apertures in the bottom cover. It is easy to break off one of them, which causes change of outer dimension of the card. The top cover is also bonded to the main chip with a strong self-adhesive. My attempt ended by a broken cover and one protrusion. But my device was broken anyway and required soldering of detached CF pins.

The main chip of the device has carefully washed out all identification marks. But there are some evidences that it is S1D13806 from Epson. Maybe the device design was inspired by the IODATA CFXGA, which uses the same chip.

I guess that important part of the electronics is located inside the thick and heavy terminal of the special VGA+video cable. It is impossible to open it without damage.

This device has a very poor design violating CF design rules. It has no CID memory. While inserted, it cannot be identified by any simple way.

It does not work for me yet, but I believe that I will get it working. Linux support for the chip exists, and there exists OpenBSD driver that claims to support this card.

Colorgraphic Voyager CF VGA internals

Don't mix this device with its Colorgraphic PCMCIA counterpart. PCMCIA version uses much older Cirrus Logic chip.