This is a Linux driver written on top of usbnet.c from Alan Cox's Kernel with support for GeneSys GL620USB-A (Genelink USB-to-USB) chip fo PC2PC communication, which is built-in my new motherboard Microstar MSI K7T-266 Pro (MS-6380).


Jiun-Jie Huang was written GL620USB-A support to net1080-gl.c.

David Brownell was written usbnet.c and cleaned up my code before merging to official Linux kernel.

I have been merged Jiun-Jie Huang's driver to usbnet.c from actual -ac kernel. Since Linux-2.4.10 is usbnet.c also a part of official Linux.

GL620USB-A driver become a part of official Linux kernel since version Linux-2.4.15 and Linux-2.5.0. Older versions and further docs are available at

This page will not be updated in future, with exception of possible experimental code built on top of this driver.

Notes and questions send to: Stanislav Brabec

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