Chapter 12. Miscellany

Table of Contents

12.1. Semicolons
12.3. Conclusion

Installment published 5 June 1989.

This installment is another one of those excursions into side alleys that don't seem to fit into the mainstream of this tutorial series. As I mentioned last time, it was while I was writing this installment that I realized some changes had to be made to the compiler structure. So I had to digress from this digression long enough to develop the new structure and show it to you.

Now that that's behind us, I can tell you what I set out to in the first place. This shouldn't take long, and then we can get back into the mainstream.

Several people have asked me about things that other languages provide, but so far I haven't addressed in this series. The two biggies are semicolons and comments. Perhaps you've wondered about them, too, and wondered how things would change if we had to deal with them. Just so you can proceed with what's to come, without being bothered by that nagging feeling that something is missing, we'll address such issues here.