12.3. Conclusion

At this point we now have the ability to deal with both comments and semicolons, as well as other kinds of syntactic sugar. I've shown you several ways to deal with each, depending upon the convention desired. The only issue left is: which of these conventions should we use in KISS/TINY?

For the reasons that I've given as we went along, I'm choosing the following:

  1. Semicolons are terminators, not separators
  2. Semicolons are optional
  3. Comments are delimited by curly braces
  4. Comments may be nested

Put the code corresponding to these cases into your copy of TINY. You now have TINY Version 1.2.

Now that we have disposed of these sideline issues, we can finally get back into the mainstream. In the next installment, we'll talk about procedures and parameter passing, and we'll add these important features to TINY. See you then.