2.1. Getting Started

If you've read the introduction document to this series, you will already know what we're about. You will also have copied the cradle software into your Turbo Pascal system, and have compiled it. So you should be ready to go.

The purpose of this article is for us to learn how to parse and translate mathematical expressions. What we would like to see as output is a series of assembler-language statements that perform the desired actions. For purposes of definition, an expression is the right-hand side of an equation, as in

x = 2*y + 3/(4*z)

In the early going, I'll be taking things in very small steps. That's so that the beginners among you won't get totally lost. There are also some very good lessons to be learned early on, that will serve us well later. For the more experienced readers: bear with me. We'll get rolling soon enough.