Chapter 6. Boolean Expressions

Table of Contents

6.1. The Plan
6.2. The Grammar
6.3. Relops
6.4. Fixing The Grammar
6.5. The Parser
6.6. Merging With Control Constructs
6.7. Adding Assignments

Installment published 31st August 1988.

In Chapter 5, Control Constructs of this series, we took a look at control constructs, and developed parsing routines to translate them into object code. We ended up with a nice, relatively rich set of constructs.

As we left the parser, though, there was one big hole in our capabilities: we did not address the issue of the branch condition. To fill the void, I introduced to you a dummy parse routine called Condition, which only served as a place-keeper for the real thing.

One of the things we'll do in this session is to plug that hole by expanding Condition into a true parser/translator.