Chapter 15. Back To The Future

Table of Contents

15.1. New Starts, Old Directions
15.2. Starting Over?
15.3. The Input Unit
15.4. The Output Unit
15.5. The Error Unit
15.6. Scanning And Parsing
15.7. The Scanner Unit
15.8. Decisions, Decisions
15.9. Parsing
15.10. References

Installment published 5th March 1994.

Can it really have been four years since I wrote installment fourteen of this series? Is it really possible that six long years have passed since I began it? Funny how time flies when you're having fun, isn't it?

I won't spend a lot of time making excuses; only point out that things happen, and priorities change. In the four years since installment fourteen, I've managed to get laid off, get divorced, have a nervous breakdown, begin a new career as a writer, begin another one as a consultant, move, work on two real-time systems, and raise fourteen baby birds, three pigeons, six possums, and a duck. For awhile there, the parsing of source code was not high on my list of priorities. Neither was writing stuff for free, instead of writing stuff for pay. But I do try to be faithful, and I do recognize and feel my responsibility to you, the reader, to finish what I've started. As the tortoise said in one of my son's old stories, I may be slow, but I'm sure. I'm sure that there are people out there anxious to see the last reel of this film, and I intend to give it to them. So, if you're one of those who's been waiting, more or less patiently, to see how this thing comes out, thanks for your patience. I apologize for the delay. Let's move on.