A Short Course In Programming

Tom Pittman


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This document is reformated version of Toms “A Short Course In Programming

The Postscript and PDF versions have 72 pages.

Table of Contents

How To Read This Book
1. What Is A Computer
2. The ELF II
3. I/O and Branches
4. Register Operations
5. Arithmetic and Logic
6. Control Instructions
7. Interrupts and DMA
A. Instruction Summary
B. Binary and Hexadecimal Numbers
C. Coding Form

List of Figures

7.1. A computer's-eye view of your TV screen

List of Examples

2.1. Memory Clear
2.2. Memory Sequencer
2.3. Slow Blink
3.1. Test IDL
3.2. Test SEQ
3.3. Test REQ
3.4. Test REQ after SEQ
3.5. Test B4
3.6. Test B4 destination
3.7. Test BR
3.8. Test OUT
3.9. Test INP
3.10. Conditional Branches
3.11. Test Q conditionals
4.1. Test PHI and PLO
4.2. Test SEX
4.3. Test LDI
4.4. Test Store
4.5. Test Loads
5.1. Test ALU ops
5.2. Subtract D from Memory
5.3. Add Two 16-bit Numbers
6.1. Test Control Instructions
7.1. Test DMA
7.2. TV Display Driver
7.3. Seconds Clock
7.4. Test Interrupts
7.5. Mini Diagnostic
7.6. TV Digital Clock