Python-SQL Abstraction Layer

When developing a (Web) application, you end up designing a layer, where 90% of the SQL queries are very simple and the rest are really complex and ugly, some even dynamically generated ones. This package provides following capabilities: The module, however, does not free you from learning SQL first. Althouth the module does a lot of error checking, it is possible to generate incorrect SQL queries. If you do not know SQL, you will have problems debugging the code.
  1. Let's begin - simple selects
  2. What is select instance? Select,Delete,Update, limit, order
  3. Where are you? Conditions, automatic grouping
  4. Joins, subqueries, union, intersect, except
  5. 'Case' code transformation
  6. Database extending


Download sqlabstr-0.5.tar.gz, extract the files and install it to python site-packages directory.
# python install