Map of Restricted Airspace

I have created a map of european restricted airspace suitable for paragliding. It can be uploaded into mapping Garmin GPS with either sendmap or mapsource programs. Lower and upper altitude of restricted airspace is specified in meters.

WARNING: This map was created in good will that it will be useful to people flying paragliders and hanggliders. It omits a lot of information that is not important for pargliders and hanggliders, but is important for other airplanes. Please check with local authorities, the map may be incomplete and/or may contain errors.

Sendmap img files: Download
Source files for cgpsmapper and preview files for Mapsource: Download.
The map in OpenAir format: Download.
The scripts that were used to convert map from OpenAir to Polish (cgpsmapper) format: Download

Alternative map of UK restricted airspace for Garmin GPS from Simon Headford.
If you encounter inaccuracies in your map, please, send me a note to the address Thank you.

Update 7.5.2012 - Fixed missing poland

Update 14.4.2012 - Updated most maps for year 2012

Update 28.8.2011 - Updated most maps, mostly from; added norway and romania.

Update 22.4.2010 - Added missing Autria from last map.

Update 13.4.2010 - Updated Spain, Czech Republic, Italy, UK (this time directly from Simon's maps, the openair data is not available).

Update 8.7.2009 - Removed old DAFIF data. Currently included airspace: Austria, Benelux, Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, UK.

Update: 23.5.2008 - Warning: Gliding sectors ARE NOT INCLUDED in the map as they are mostly unimportant to paragliders, as well as some high CTA zones. They are usually too high to be reached anyway. Added Czech airports where parachute jumping may occur with listed phone number. If you want to enter the airport area, it is better to call the airport and ask for permission. Most airports work only during weekends and holidays. Updated Slovenia, Spain, Benelux, Netherlands, Hungary, Slovakia (source) and UK (source), Germany, France, Austria and Switzerland (source), Ireland (source).

Update: 2.1.2008 - Updated Switzerland (source), Austria, Netherlands(source), Czech Republic, France (source), Germany(source), UK (source) and Poland. Fixed heights for sectors in Switzerland. Removed Wave glider sectors, added some dangerous places in Switzerland (cables).

Update: 30.3.2007 - Updated Germany, Switzerland (source), UK(airspace starting higher than 3000 not included) and France (source).

Update: 21.4.2006 - Added Czech border.

Update: 12.4.2006 - Added map that contains only airspace boundaries. Fixed small but visible error in DAFIF data in Czech airspace.

Update: 6.4.2006 - Created new map directly from DAFIF(0604) data. The map does include only airspace, that: has lower altitude less then 3000m, has all points between 35N,12W and 70N,50E, is either in Low(L) or Low_and_hi(B) levels and has type 7(CONTROL ZONE (CTLZ)) or 11(TERMINAL CONTROL AREA (TCA) OR (MTCA)).

Update: 17.9.2005 - Removed MCTR & MTMA Ceske Budejovice. Better types for region borders.

Because the DAFIF data is no longer updated, I rely on other sources. If you want your country to be updated, send me the airspace data either in OpenAir or Tim Newport-Peace format.

Tracklog Optimization - HSPoints

Programming languages are best learnt by 'doing'. The optimization task (finding largest free flight, flat or FAI triangle) on the tracklogs seemed like a good candidate to learn Haskell. I am not sure how I suceeded in learning the language, but in the process I have created a very fast and easily extensible optimizer. The description of the algorithm along with some easy math is here.
New versions of GiPSy support integration with the HSPoints optimizer. You can download the compiled version for your platform here.

GiPSy Flight Manager

GiPSy flight manager is a Linux program for downloading tracklogs from Garmin GPS, saving them as IGC files and sending them to XContest.

See GiPSy web pages for more information. GiPSy is now opensource; download the sourcecode at GitHub.

There is a nasty bug in garmin_gps in Linux kernel version that breaks gpsbabel when sending large amounts of data (e.g. list of points). Download the patch for this problem and apply it to drivers/usb/serial/garmin_gps.c, it fixes the problem.

Aircotec tracklog protocol

There seems to be no publicly available description of a way how to get tracklog from Aircotec xc-trainer. I have written a small Aircotec protocol description.