Holiday Debts

Imagine you went on holidays with couple of friends. Usually at the end of the holidays you sit with your friends, everyone with some bills and someone must compute who owes to whom and how much. I know it myself and although I own a Palm for 2 years, until now I've always done this computing on the paper. I'm only lucky that I study bookkeeping ;-) And that's why I've written this little tool to help solving this kind of situations. The tool consists of a PalmOS applications and a small tool that can generate a HTML document from the database. Send me a mail if you want other output formats (XML...). To use the desktop application you must have Python installed. Nice article (in Spanish) regarding possible accounting methods is here.

Version 0.03: support direct/indirect type of entering a currency (there was some confusion in the 0.02 version).
Version 0.04: added application wide selector for a default currency, small bugfixes.
Version 0.05: bug fixes, now correctly sets backup bit, add pre-defined descriptions
Version 0.06: small bug fixes, added ability to set the sign to report debtors/creditors.
Version 0.07: localization to french and czech, added possibility to add negative items (corrections, income)
Version 0.08: Added support for beaming
Version 0.09: Better key handling, added german localization.
Version 0.10: Updated desktop, added new type of output. Try: bill OpDtdb.pdb
Version 0.11: Updates to desktop, spanish translation.
Version 0.12: Added filtering, update of item now does not reorder the item.
Version 0.13: Bug fixes. Available languages: english, german, spanish, french and italian.
Version 0.14: Added color icons. Added support for T5 wide display. Added convertor for MacOS.
Version 0.15: Desktop application works with Python2.4. Added small calculator to input fields - tap the '123' dot on your graffiti in the input fields.