TVO to Anything Converter



The otl2a is a small (1117 lines) utility that converts files in The Vim Outliner (*.otl) to LaTeX, HTML and some other formats. The code has been written in plain and portable C language. It's confirmed to work on: Linux, IRIX, Mac OS X and Solaris. I think that it should work on Minix, too, but after death of my Minix box (a 286-based laptop) I have no possibility to verify it.


I have started to write this utility because original converters (bundled with the TVO) didn't meet my needs (and most of them has been written in the Ruby and I don't want to have another interpreter on my computers). But it doesn't mean that otl2a will be usefull for everyone.


The otl2a reads data from standard input and writes results to standard output. It can accept several switches (see Options).


Output : html, latex, lslides, lbook, lbeamer, emacs. The long-style options (--html or --latex or --latex-slides, --latex-book, --latex-beamer or --lemacs instead of -t=) also may work.
-e or --expand-links
Links (e.g. [link], [[anchor]] [file.ext]) will be expanded (replaced with -depedent information). If links.ext is an image (extension is identical to one of png, jpg, gif, jpeg, tif, tiff, eps, svg), the proper image tag will be used (<img src=..> for the HTML).
-l or --expand-hlinks
http://..., https://... and ftp://... will be expanded/replaced with proper hyperlink tags.
-b or --body-only
The header and the footer (such as <html> <body> and </body> </html>) will not be written.
-c or --comment-texts
Plain text data will be written as a comments.
-n or --no-texts
Plain text data will be written ignored.
-u or --itemize-only or --no-enumerate
All itemized things (lines that starts with "*" or "-") will be exported as non-numbered items. The default behaviour is to export "-"s as numbered items (<ol> in HTML).
--upc or -upc or --usepackage-czech
Includes "\usepackage{czech}" in LaTeX outputs (important for CSLaTeX, useless for anybody who don't speak Czech language).
Help. Do not expect anything usefull!


It's a free software released under GNU General Public License.


You can download sources here.