Under active development

  • A Finite Element Method (FEM) software: uFEM.
    It's a free software (licensed under GPL) and it is still hard to use. It has been initially written because I found the AFEM (see below) too complicated (and large) to create (and debug) a parallel version of it. So I have written a new one. It's my fourth (and last, I hope) finite element code.

  • A very naive converter of TVO (The Vim Outliner) files to HTML and LaTeX (to "article", "book" a modification of the "slides" environments) files - otl2a.

No longer developed but still in use

  • geo (2004-5):
    Program for computation of stresses and deformations of an elastic halfspace (it actually works only in 2D). The used method is based on the Neuber-Papkovitch function and it was developed by Dr. Janas (the head of my department) in 1971. The code doesn't include any kind of graphical user interface nor graphical outputs (I'm using the gnuplot for graphics). It runs on my default subset of operating environments (Linux, IRIX, Mac OS X, Solaris). If anyone is interested in this code, please send me an e-mail.


  • A FEM code: AFEM (2001-2003).
    The development of this code was stopped because of too complicated design, too much dependencies on strange libraries etc. I wrote it (in 2001) because I found the Asteres (see below) to be too complicated for me and it didn't fit my needs (and because of some license problem - Asteres is propietary and closed-source). AFEM has more than 40000 lines of code.

  • A FEM code: Asteres (1999-2001).
    This program is mainly developed by Rostislav Zidek (my former colleague at Brno University of Technology). I wrote the command interpreter, user interface (the best one I'v ever written) and the data handling code.
    I'm no longer working on it.

Translations of program messages (to Czech)

This is not much usefull for non-Czech speaking people. And everything is outdated.

  • Unfinished translation of a planning software Plan. File plan.lang.czech should be plan.lang.something files (probably /usr/local/lib/ or similar).

  • Translation of Skipstone www browser. Translation is here (5kiB).

  • Translation (5kiB) of GLiv image viewer.