uFEM User Interface



There are two user interfaces - text-only and graphical. The functionality of both is still very limited. The only difference is that a text-only one hasn't GUI and cannot produce any kind of graphics output.


It is possible to:

  • create, edit and delete things (nodes, elements, loads, displacements),
  • copy and rotate the nodes, elements, loads and displacements,
  • select thing that can be edited/listed/etc.
  • mouse support for selection, creation, edition and deletion operations,
  • save graphics graphics to PPM, TIFF (optional, libtiff required) and EPS (optional, libgl2ps required) image formats.


The code has been written in the ISO C language. The text-only version needs only the standard libraries. The GUI version requires some additional libraries (see below for details).

Text-only Version

This version can be compiled a used on any operating systems that includes C89-compatible compiler (at least in theory).

It is known to run on:

  • GNU/Linux 2.x on x86,
  • IRIX 6.5,
  • AIX 4.3,
  • SunOS 2.9,
  • MacOS 10.3.

GUI Version

uFEM GUI (Gtk+-2.x) uFEM GUI (sx) uFEM uFEM uFEM M$

The GUI version needs several aditional libraries. In any case you have to have an OpenGL libraries (at least GL and GLU ones). The majority of modern operating systems does include these libraries by default.

There are three possible configurations of other required libraries:

  1. The complete version with all possible features: Gtk+-2.x, GtkGlExt,
  2. The limited version (no dialogs and without the most of menus but still with full mouse support): Gtk+-1.2, GtkGlArea,
  3. The poor man's version (no dialogs, no mouse support, plain graphic window only) - this version should be used only if it is impossible to compile any of previous two versions: GLUT or FreeGLUT library.

If you want to save graphics to TIFF files you need libtiff and for EPS support you need gl2ps.

The graphical version is known to run on:

  • GNU/Linux 2.x on x86 (Gtk+-2.x, Gtk+-1.2, GLUT),
  • IRIX 6.5 (Gtk+-2.x, Gtk+-1.2),
  • AIX 4.3 (GLUT),
  • SunOS 2.9 (Gtk-1.2, GLUT),
  • MacOS 10.3 (Gtk+-2.x, but with some issues).


User interface consists from several libraries that are under GNU LGPL and main program that is under GNU GPL, see www.gnu.org/gpl.

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