A F E M - FEM Code

Supported platforms


AFEMu works under Linux, GUI works under X Window System only ;-). Tested on Slackware 8.0, 8.1, RedHat 6.2, Debian (probably 2.x - GUI untested here). Solver works under IRIX 6.5 (SGI Indy ;-) and Window$ 2k (compiled using Cygwinu), GUI is untested under W2k but works under IRIX.

Window$ support (people often ask me for this) is limited because:

  1. requires Gtk+ 2.0.x and AFEM GUI is still not fully ported to it (it may works, I am not sure),
  2. porting to Gtk+ 2.0.x has no priority (Gtk+ 1.2.10 is used on all of my computers),
  3. there are more important things (solver, preprocessor),
  4. author don't need Window$ version at all (sponsors are welcome).

Supported are platforms available to author.

Other platforms (Sparc, Cray,...) are not supported because I have no acces to these machines. If you have one and you don't want it any more, send me a mail, please ;-).


Data are stored in HDF5 format (using HDF5 library) and can be red on any platform supported by library . So you can compute data on Cray (if you have Cray) and postprocessed on (for example) SGI workstation (if you have it ;-).

System requirements

For small (read: normal civil eng.) linear problems (beams, frames etc.) Pentium 166 with 64 MiB RAM (or something like SGI Indy/100MHz, 64 MiB RAM) is an adequate machine. For data postprocessing (even from huge nonlinear solutions) the same machines are adequate, too (but more memory may make your life better ;-).
Better machine may be required for larger problems (and nonlinear etc.).

Supported systems

Hardware Operating System GUI? Libraries/Compiler Details
PC (AMD Athlon, Intel P III, Pentium) Slackware 8.1 (GNU/Linux) of course HDF 1.4.2, Gtk+ 1.2.10 / gcc 2.95.3 works OK
PC (AMD Athlon) Slackware 9.0 (GNU/Linux) of course HDF 1.4.3, Gtk+ 1.2.10 / gcc 3.2 works OK
PC (AMD K6-2) RedHat Linux 6.2 (heavily updated) of course HDF 1.2.2, Gtk+ 1.2.9 / gcc 2.95.3 works OK
SGI (Indy, O2) IRIX 6.5 of course HDF 1.4.2, Gtk+ 1.2.10 / gcc 3.0 some HDF issues compression
PC M$ Window$ 2000 no HDF 1.4.2 / gcc 3.x? (Cygwin) GUI compilation not tested, last test in 2001

If you have a question, please send e-mail to me.