A F E M - FEM Code

Screen Shots

AFEM  - Gtk+-2.x port

AFEM GUI with Gtk+-2.x library (GNU/Linux).

AFEM  - in Czech

Czech translation of AFEM (GNU/Linux).

AFEM with multiple windows

AFEM 0.0.25 with multiple windows and with some menus (GNU/Linux). Bumblebee theme for Gtk+ is used.

AFEM with new menus

AFEM 0.0.25 in GNOME environment. Eye-candy, isn't it? (GNU/Linux and GNOME).

AFEM with new menus

AFEM 0.0.25 with new menus. Actually works in multi-window mode (GNU/Linux).


AFEM running natively on IRIX (SGI Indy).


AFEM running natively on IRIX, too.

AFEM - compact look

Single-windowed AFEM with example of dialog. Blue forces are reactions. (GNU/Linux - actually my Linux box). Note that small bug visible on the image is now fixed ;-) All of commands (if have parameters, of course) have nice dialogs ;-)

AFEM - classic look

AFEM in multi-window mode with dialog window. This mode can be selected before start of program and window placement can be described in configuration file. This mode is probably better for run in X Window System environment and for people with multi-head displays.

AFEM - element selection

Postprocessing session with part of structure unselected (e.g. invisible).

AFEM - 2D frame

Postprocessing of frame (moments are plotted).

AFEM - 2D frame

Postprocessing of another simple frame (alternative mode of result visualization is used - use command setlrwire,yes to turn on).

AFEM - old image

"Classic" look of AFEM in single-window mode (GNU/Linux). This is an old image (command tree didnt exists in this version).

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