A F E M - FEM Code


  • Wed Jul 14 12:53:55 CEST 2004 :
    AFEM was cancelled. Please visit our competitors at www.oofem.org or my actual project uFEM (replacement for AFEM).
  • Thu Apr 3 20:24:13 CEST 2003 :
    Image of AFEM Gtk+-2.x port (section Screen Shots)
  • Ne bře 30 21:19:40 CEST 2003 :
    Version 0.0.27 (data incompatibility - new file: "ddm.h5" and change of ctrls.h5 contents).
    There will be two new new beam elements (BEAM11 - still buggy and BEAM12 - untested). So there is nothing new for now ;-)
  • Sat Mar 22 23:03:48 CET 2003 :
    Gtk+-2.0 port (using GtkGLExt). Doesn't work: command line history, command tree, text output (to GUI window).
  • Sat Mar 22 10:46:48 CET 2003 :
    List of supported systems updated, text fixes.
  • Thu Mar 20 21:57:18 CET 2003 :
    Text updates and minor changes.
  • Sun Mar 16 20:52:39 CET 2003 :
    Version 0.0.26 - a lot of bugfixes, some optimalizations (faster solvers etc.).

Old News


AFEM is a finite element method software for static analysis of buildings (and other civil engineering structures). Software is still in development.
I have started this project in end of 2001 because absence of suitable software. It means powerfull (from civil engineer's point of view), open-source and extensible finite element software for POSIX-compliant systems (Linux, IRIX etc.).

(Planned) features of AFEM:

  • multiplatform, portable code,
  • small size (relative),
  • extensible,
  • free (open source),
  • "modern" (because of usage of relatively "new" methods),
  • easy to use.

Software is still not usefull for ordinary users. It can be used for some computations but preprocessing is non-interactive and many other things are unfinished.

If you have a question, please send e-mail to me.