A F E M - FEM Code

(May be) Frequently Aasked Questions

Another FEM code? Why?

Because this one is:

  • open source,
  • multiplatform,
  • extendible,
  • optimized for civil engineering,
  • complex (includes user interface and other features).

What is "FEM"?

See (for example) here.

I want to use AFEM on my old notebook (or new PDA ;-) with screen resolution 640x480? Is it possible?

Yes. AFEM fits to this size, at least in multi-window mode (you don't need to see all windows at one time). If you prefer single-window mode, 800x600 is optimal.

May I use AFEM on my supercomputer?

Probably yes, but AFEM cat use only one processor, now (parallel version is in development).

AFEM pages are broken. Why?

Pages are O.K., problem is in your browser. There are known issues with some versions of some web browsers (Internet Exploder 6.0). Use of different version or different browser can help (for example this or this).

Some browsers (old versions of Netscape Navigator, Dillo, Links for example) may show more simple version of pages because they are not able to use cascade styles (but pages are still fully usable).

I have a question. What now?

Please send your question here.

If you have a question, please send e-mail to me.