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Have you ever need to write a filesystem? Have you ever found out, that it's possible to write filesystems in user-space? That's why userfs is here...

Userfs allows you to write user-level filesystems in Linux. The original author of this project is Jeremy Fitzhardinge. You can still find some interesting information about userfs on his userfs homepage.

The userfs project started quite a long time ago, so now there were some activities to update the code for kernel 2.2.x. Michael McCormack made userfs version with kernel 2.2.x support. You can find this version on his userfs homepage.

I got involved into this, because I urgently needed a possibility to write the filesystems in user-space. I made a patch for Mike's kernel 2.2.x version of userfs, allowing to compile users with glibc.



I merged the Mike's patch and my glibc patch into the latest version of userfs I found on internet (userfs-0.9.6). This version is not ready yet, though. Any C++ hacker is invited to repair some sample filesystems to get them compile. (Sorry, I hate C++). When this will be ready, we can let it release as userfs-0.9.7.


Current state:



  • userfs-0.9.7-pre1.tar.gz
  • userfs-0.9.7-pre2.tar.gz
  • userfs-0.9.7-pre3.tar.gz

    Tested in environment:

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