Text602ToLaTeX  module  Experimental Release 0.3

What is it HTML2LaTeX?

T602ToLaTeX is a patch for WP2LaTeX that allow it to convert also Text 602 documents. WP2LatTeX itself is a general purpose conversion kernel with three interfaces for three totally different WP versions. My idea was to try, whether conversion from Text602 is possible.

What could you expect from T602ToLaTex?

This code works, but it knows only small group of commands. What could you expect from release 0.3 :-) But it really works and it can outperform current version of T602toLaTex!

Conversion possibilities

Downloading and getting started T602toLaTeX

  • T602tolatex is currently part of wp2latex package. Please download latest wp2latex release and type "make html" or "make x2latex".

  • How can You contribute to further developping T602toLaTeX

    report me bugs.

    Documentation about T602toLaTeX

    Currently only this page.

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