WP2LaTeX overview


The windows port of WP2LaTeX gives more user friendly interface to WP2LaTeX functionality. Conversion capability should be a same.

Four main panels are available after execution of WP2LaTeX:

WP2LaTeX history

Somebody at Eindhoven Univ of Techn wrote a WordPerfect 5.0 to LaTeX" conversion program (only running on MSDOS of course) :=)" This program was completely rewritten by Jaroslav Fojtik" and many new functions was added (eg conversion of math equations)" Write any suggestions, reports or bugs to address JaFojtik@seznam.cz" the address FOJTIK@CMP.FELK.CVUT.CZ may not be valid after 2000." Important note: Conversions performed by wp2latex are only partial." Print the resulting document and compare carefully with original." In all but the simplest documents you will have to do further editing." Or you may wisch to edit the WordPerfect document to remove unwanted" codes (such as Tab, Tab Set), then run it through wp2latex again."


Please note that command line parametters work also in GUI release of WP2LaTeX. Read more about a command line arguments

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