Understanding log file

The log file is aimed to better understanding of the contents of binary objects in the original WordPerfect file. It is similar to reveal codes in the WordPerfect editor. From this file you could find all objects that are not converted yet.

Creation of the log file is normally disabled. You could enable it by option -l logfilename. After conversion you can use any text viever for analysing this file.

An example of the log file:

% log file for converted file c:\temp\font8.wp, WP ver 6.0
% conversion program WP2LaTex v. 2.111 from 27 Dec 1999.

Object type: DDh subtype:  Ah length:  16 [!Global on] 
Object type: D1h subtype:  Fh length:  16    
Object type: D1h subtype: 13h length:  12    
Object type: D1h subtype: 11h length: 340    
Object type: D3h subtype:  5h length:  12 [Justification Full] 
Object type: DDh subtype:  Bh length:  11 [!Global off] 
Object type: D4h subtype: 5Fh length:  16    TNR1>>>
Object type: D4h subtype: 1Bh length:  31 [!Font 1.00] 
Object type: D4h subtype: 1Ah length:  31 [!Font Times] <<<Kecy kecy
Object type: CFh subtype:  0h length:   1 [SRt] kecy 
% pass1 finished going to pass2

% pass2 finished
%  There were 0 unconverted characters.
%  There were 25 unrecognized/ignored objects.

On the top of the log file is placed small header. The list of objects continues. Features Object type: D4h subtype: 1Ah length: 31 are WP internals and you do not need to care with them. If the interpretation of object is known, the bracketed symbol [Justification Full] appear. If the interpretation of object is known, but object cannot be converted, the exclamation mark '!' appear before object name [!Font Times]. The object name is normal reveal code of recognized symbol. Normal text is placed after objects.

Logging of nested objects

When WP2LaTeX parses any object nested into a main WP file, different output might appear. That is why different internal symbol subset must be used to understand finle contents. Symbols from nested objects are indented for better reading of logs.

Object type: D2 subtype:  5 length: 128 L    
  {GRtyp#F;len:6;!Start WPG l1}
  {GRtyp#2;len:4;Line Attributes}
  {GRtyp#1;len:2;Fill Attributes}
  {GRtyp#14;len:ae3b;Bitmap l2}
  {GRtyp#10;len:0;!End WPG l1}
Object type: DA subtype:  0 length: 121 L [Figure] 

This is example of WPG graphic included inside WP file. To get a full understanding of symbol meaning you should read WPG file format specification.