Programs that I have already written:

Demos for Humusoft's models
Purpose: Demonstration of models CE150, CE151 and CE152 functionality.
Target platform: Windows Nt,2000,XP,Vista
Policy: commercional - Humusoft's licency
LastChange: 2007 CE150 snapshot CE151 snapshot CE152 snapshot

Purpose: Drivers for Humusoft's data acquisition cards.
Target platform: Windows Nt,2000,XP,Vista; Linux
Policy: Windows-Humusoft's licency; Linux-LGPL
LastChange: 2007 More about Linux port

Purpose: Removing of advertising from Email for Pegasus Mail
Target platform: Windows95,98,Me,Nt,2000,XP
Policy: freeware
LastChange: 2007 More about

Purpose: Conversion from WordPerfect to LaTeX
Target platforms: DOS, Windows, Linux, (perhaps HP UX, AIX, SUN)
Policy: GPL + cardware
Last Change: 2008
More about

Purpose: Toolkit for low level image processing
Target platforms: DOS, Windows
Policy: shareware
More about

Tie Line GUI
Purpose: Optimize Hour contract for electrical power plant
Target platform: Windows95,98,Me,Nt,2000,XP
Policy: Commercial
LastChange: 2005 Screenshot

ELA Engineering GUI
Purpose: User interfahe for heatplant with multiple boilers
Target platform: Windows95,98,Me,Nt,2000,XP
Policy: Commercial
LastChange: 2005 Screenshot

PRV - Pressure reducing valve
Purpose: Embedded software for intelligent valves + Windows GUI
Target platform: PC104 + GUI on Windows95,98,Me,Nt,2000,XP
Policy: Commercial
LastChange: 2000 More about

Purpose: Evidence of working time of employees of company
Target platform: DOS or DOS Window
Policy: Commercial
LastChange: 2000 (now Y2K compliant) Screenshot

Purpose: Control of real time machine
Target platform: DOS
Last Change: 1999
Screen shot

Purpose: Creating a list of frequency of words. Ability to work with more than 1000000 words together.
Target platforms: DOS, Linux
Policy: commercial
LastChange: 2000

Vectoriser for aerial images
Purpose: Vectorisation of aerial images after classifying them to categories.
Target platform: Windows
Policy: Commercial
Last Change: 1997 More about

Purpose: Fast graphics library
Target platform: ZX Spectrum
Policy: freeware
Last Change: 1990

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