Grafics image Tool for LowLevel Image processing

Pictures is toolset for low level image processing. A good image viewer is a part of this tool. Many graphics formats are supported. PICTURES is written in languages PASCAL and C++. It supports various functions for example:

If you want to know more, please run demo.exe that is included inside the package.

Current available version is 2.48. See PICTURES.TXT for more informations about this library. PAS code of the PICTURES for DOS, DOS (DPMI 16) and Windows

version 2.20:   New: Now it works under windows95. Loading/Saving ICO files.
version 2.21:   New: Ability to read WPG level 2 images. Bugfix in CRT unit.
version 2.22:   New: Better postscript output.
version 2.23:   New: Reading JPG files.
version 2.24:   New: Support for long filenames under Windows95. 32bpp bmp files.
version 2.25:   New: Supports BMP with 124 coreinfo block.
version 2.26:   New: Openning images up to 20MB (Thanks to Lubomir Soukup for pointing out this).
version 2.27:   New: Openning Matlab files with 16bit gray.
version 2.28:   New: Openning Matlab files that contains RGB image. PBM P4 inversion fix.
version 2.29:   New: Fixed mirrored WPG image problem.
version 2.30:   New: Fixed XOR token inside WPG; TGA correct rotation.
version 2.31:   New: Fixed bug inside PCX reader.
version 2.32:   New: C++ sources are now available, added ART writer.
version 2.33:   New: 16bit MAT image is supported. convert.exe now supports /? -? /help -help.
version 2.34:   Fix: Case insensitive image extension reported by prof.Hlavac, New: MAC paint file format.
version 2.35:   Fix: Mask filtration for RGB color images.
version 2.36:   Fix: Median filtration for RGB color images; MAT writer.
version 2.37:   Fix: MAT RGB image saving.
version 2.38:   New: Fits file format supported for reading and writing.
version 2.39:   New: Load double type from fits, new switch /s to decrease verbosity.
version 2.40:   New: Loads .MAC image file format.
version 2.41:   Fix: Problem with loading .EPS palette images.
version 2.42:   Fix: Problems in GIF reader (local palette)..
version 2.43:   Fix: New BMP format is recognised. Ability to read TXT file produced by gm.
version 2.44:   Fix: Error in TopoL RAS reader fixed.
version 2.45:   New: Mask filtration rewritten into C++, now opens 200MB images.
version 2.46:   Fix: GIF reader; Better image compare.
version 2.47:   New: CSV reader/writer. Fix: TXT reader - floating points.
version 2.48:   New: Compilable under MSVC2008, loading Matlab -V4 format.
version 2.49:   Several bugfixes. Optimised nibble operations - sometimes 10x faster (only for 4bit images).

Warning: Use it at your own risk. I claim no responsibility for anything that happens if you use this software!

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