Real Time DAQ Linux for Humusoft's (and others) I/O devices.

This library gives an access to DAQ devices under Linux. Library has been tested under both 32 and 64 bit Linux. Also alternative Windows driver is published here.

Software published here is not product of Humusoft. Please NEVER ask their hot line for support with this clone of library.

On the reverse site don't ask me for regular support of your DAQ device. Ask instead. I could help you with Linux port and new features in my Windows hudaqlib that are not present inside standard release.

Hudaqlib driver supports these devices:

Operating system support map:

Operating system Support Comment
Windows 95 Yes Only this driver
Windows 98 Yes Only this driver
Windows ME Yes Only this driver
Windows CE No Read this-just a hint
Windows NT No ---
Windows 2000 Yes This one and Humusoft original
Windows XP Yes This one and Humusoft original
Windows XP64 Yes This one and Humusoft original
Windows Vista Yes This one and Humusoft original
Windows Vista64 Yes This one or Humusoft's original
Windows 7 - 64 Yes This one or Humusoft's original
Linux Yes See below Comedi may be in future
Linux 64 Yes See below Comedi may be in future

Windows driver:

Testing application for Windows32 & Windows64 platforms.

This program only checks, whether a driver is correctly installed and runs without problems.

Matlab interface to Hudaqlib

This interface is not official one, but it is much more optimised for performance.
Download "" here

Published Linux driver versions:

version 2.1.1.
version 2.2. New: Fixed -10V glitch MF624, MF614 ResMode cleanup.
version 2.2.1 New: Fixed bug inside DIReadMultiple (MF624 and MF614).
version 2.3 (release candidate 1) New: Access to counters trigger and gate from interface.
version 2.3 (release candidate 2) New: Fixed raw value bug. Added soname.
version 2.3 New: Added 'make install'. Better makefile.
version 2.3.1 New: Added samples.
version 2.3.2 Improved samples.
version 2.3.3 Added commands to handle filter inside counters.
version is 2.4 New: Full support for MF625 - 3 phase controller, added copyright info.
version 2.4.1 New: support for Advantech PCI1753, fixed ioperm() bug.
version 2.4.2 New: support for TEDIA PCD-7004.
Current available version is 2.4.3 New: support for TEDIA PCD-7303B.
Version 2.5 New: support for Humusoft MF634 and Tedia PCD7006C
version 2.6.1 Fix: defect during access to DAC in MF634
version 2.6.2 Fix: allow to open device when incomplete name is given


Get documentation in PDF format. Original documentation is in .CHM format and there might be a problem to open it under Linux.

Please get more examples and full documentation here. This is officialy published library for Windows. It uses the same programming interface as Linux one.

Warning: Use it at your own risk. I claim no responsibility for anything that happens if you use this software!

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