USB camera viewer

Download release 1.03 - Initial publish release release 1.04 Better image saving; CamView.mak builds a project. release 1.05 Ability to handle JPG files release 1.06 Ability to display histogram release 1.07 Bug fixes in pictures unit, saving also gm.txt format.
release 1.08 Upgrade wx from 2.6 to 2.8. release 1.09 MJPG format can be displayed. release 1.10 YUY2 video stream can be correctly displayed. release 1.11 Vertical flip of image when needed. release 1.12 Histogram stops calculating when image is not refreshing. Histogram is also painted better. Windows installer release 1.13 Display proper licence in About dialog. Fix PNG saving. Windows installer

Windows executable is located in kamerka\bin\win32\

Supported cameras

The software has been tested with these cameras, but it should also work with others. It also works with non USB builtin cameras on notebook.



Main widget library - wxwidgets

Library for processing images



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