There is driver for SF16FMR radio card. This time, driver implements basic setting of frequency and volume. Driver doesn't supports auto-tuning. If you know, how I can get signal level, please write me about that. For bug reports etc., please email me at


As described above, I have no information how do auto-tuning. Insteed, the driver will state 'tuned' on every tenth of MHz. For example, auto-tuning will stop at 100.0, 100.1, 100.2, 100.3 etc., but not at 100.34 or 101.68. If You have info about auto-tunning on this card, please use email above.


First time, edit Makefile (comment appropriate 'VER=' line according your kernel version)

Driver can be compiled by typing 'make'. Then copy resulting module (radio-sf16fmr.o) into appropriate place (usually under /lib/modules/...../misc). Then do:

      depmod -a
      modprobe radio-sf16fmr
You can test driver using programs such as gradio or gtuner (or wmtune, of course).


This time this driver is a hack based on sf16-fmi driver and user-space program by Kevin Boone. Thanks, Kevin! I hope, that one day will be in linux kernel sources. Kevin's original program is at


  1. radio-sf16fmr.c is for linux 2.2.X
  2. radio-sf16fmr-2_3.c for linux 2.3.X.
  3. radio-sf16fmr_2.4.3.c for linux 2.4.3+
  4. radio-sf16fmr_2.4.5.c for linux 2.4.5+

Your kernel needs support for video4linux.


If this code works (or not) for You, please let me know. If I will have enough reports, I can add this code into official kernel. Thanks.


Use this code for any purpose you want, but don't make it closed-source.

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